Statue of Design offers true works of art for today's bride

by Denise R. Marcos

Photography Urth Studio

From the moment you walk into Statue of Design’s shop, you’ll immediately have to take a step back and recall what doors you came in through. Unlike most Texas floral shops, this newly-established space exudes more than just displays of flower arrangements in pretty colors, instead each piece is showcased as a prized work of art—a museum of botanicals.

Co-owner and mastermind behind it all David Garcia began his career as, believe it or not, a delivery person for a well-established floral company in Orlando, Florida several years ago. He soon learned the tricks and trade of piecing together beautiful arrangements. But having always had a knack for great design, the skill came easily.

“It’s a little, or shall I say a lot, more than simply being able to put a flower here or there. It’s about taking several elements and being able to create a piece that really makes a statement,” Garcia says. “Making certain things work together to showcase each item individually but allowing it to stand out--together.”

Just a glimpse of what his work will leave you in awe.

“When a client meets with me for the first time, some know exactly what they want and others don’t really have an idea what they are really looking for,” he says. “Either way, I sit with them and discuss things other than flowers. I want to know what their favorite colors are. What do they want their event to feel like? And at the end of our meeting, I have a great idea of what would make everything come together. Not just in regards to the flowers, but what would work cohesively as an entire design element with the rest of the event.”

Garcia’s eclectic style and eagerness to create pieces that truly wow its admirer are what bring brides to his studio door each day.

“My mission when I decided to open up shop in San Antonio was to push the envelope. From living in Chicago, to Orlando it’s very easy to notice the difference in design aesthetic. When I got here, the first thing I noticed was the heavy influence of traditional design with a strong emphasis on the southwest style,” he says. “My goal was to bring my knowledge and years or training to the table and showcase my work in the hopes that we would ‘stand out’ as something unique. As a designer and an artist showcasing my work is very important to me. The logic behind my advertisements is to captivate the viewer and make them question what is in front of them. And intrigue them to want to learn more.

"My goal hasn’t changed. If anything I feel my goal has taken on a different realm of wanting to incorporate a client’s vision and my personal expression to not only make a statement, but create art in the process. I love using unexpected elements in pieces, a surprise for the eye.”

Speaking of unexpected, look at his ad in the most recent edition of San Antonio Weddings and you’ll be blown away with the diverse layout, but mostly by the arrangements showcased. And for this coming edition, brides and grooms alike can expect nothing less from Garcia and his team.

It's evident that Statue of Design's ads feature vibrant and colorful pieces. One year was carnival/circus theme another fairytale princesses, whatever year it is, you can be sure that it will be elaborate and out-of-the-box.

“Brainstorming on the concept behind our ad campaign, I wanted to take something very traditional and twist it into something playful and whimsical. What better way to showcase that then through fairytales,” Garcia says. “I began to think of all the princesses, damsels, heroines and villains and how I can relate them to floral. Color choice and style was very important to me. Looking at various impersonations of each character made it fairly easy to conjure up what colors and styles to run with.”

His attentiveness and careful planning is a trait many brides are happy to encounter. Leaving nothing to chance, Garcia is always prepared with bountiful supplies of florals and fun props. And although an avid planner, the Statue of Design team is ready to take on even last-minute events.

“Depending on a bride’s list of things to do flowers can be one of the first on the list or sometimes the last,” he says. “I’ve done events with just a few weeks notice, and we pull it off just the same.”   



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