Divine Doves: A Love Tradition

by Michelle Torres

For many brides, white doves are as synonymous with marriage as the wedding bands and white wedding dress. The majestic creatures are referenced as symbols of purity, fidelity and love all the way back to biblical times.

Significantly, these beautiful birds form lifetime partnerships with their mates, representative of the commitment a bride and groom make to each other on their wedding day. Heralding a new life together, doves are often released at wedding ceremonies to symbolize the union of a newly married couple.

"Watching a pair of snow white doves fly away together at the end of a wedding ceremony is an awesome sight to behold," says Robert Ross, owner of Divine Doves, a family-owned business that provides this unique service for weddings and other special occasions.

"The tradition and distinctive symbolism of a white dove release add elegance and lasting memories to any of lifes special moments, which we are happy to be a part of."

From Hobby to Business

Some might say it was destiny that brought Ross into the business after he accepted six pairs of doves as a gift from a friend.

"I raise Indian fantail pigeons as a hobby, and received the doves to use as foster parents for my birds," he says. "Since it is characteristic of doves for both parents to raise their young, this was a great present for my young fantails."

When he heard about breeders in town releasing doves at weddings and other celebrations, Ross was struck with the idea to help his two sons, Daniel and David, start a similar business.

"I talked to my two teenage sons to see if they were interested in starting their own business, and they were excited about the idea."

Now three years later, the business is blossoming with Daniel and David handling all aspects of running Divine Doves. All the more impressive is that they are both high school students juggling the normal hectic schedule of student life, while managing their own successful business.

Love Birds

A large part of their business comes from couples who want to use the doves at their wedding ceremony.

"We love being involved in the wedding celebration," says Ross "because of the amazing symbolism our birds represent for the bride and groom."

Indeed, aside from their visual beauty, a dove pair is intended to emulate the newlyweds love and commitment to each other. Like the bird pair that bond for life, a couple vows to spend eternity together. The dove release at the end of the ceremony signifies the beginning of this new journey as husband and wife.

Sometimes a couple will also opt to release a flock of up to 25 doves following the first pair. These are called the blessings, which are intended to exemplify the communities support and good wishes for the newly married couple.

Divine Doves offers these options as well as several others to incorporate their majestic doves into your wedding celebration.

"Every wedding is unique, but there is always so much energy and happiness when working with engaged couples that it is such a wonderful experience," says Ross.

We love to hear brides ideas about how they plan to use our lovebirds in their celebration and constantly strive to make sure our part in their dream wedding comes true.

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