Get a Free Marriage License

by Michelle Davis

The Texas State Legislature passed a law, which now gives you an opportunity to acquire your marriage license for free.

Anyone who applies for a marriage license is encouraged to take an eight-hour premarital education course.  If you agree to take the course, the marriage license fee of $66.00 will be waived.  The cost is $66 cash (no checks) and $6 in Bexar County if couples bring in the "Twogether in Texas" certificate (  Prices may vary in different counties.


The education course must cover the issues of conflict management, communication skills and the key components of a successful marriage. 


The course can be given by any of the following:


·   Marriage educators

·   A member of the clergy

·   Licensed mental health professionals

·   Faith-based organizations

·   Community-based organizations

(Cost of the course will vary.)


When you have completed the course, make certain you receive a signed and dated completion certificate which should include:

·   The name of the course

·   The name of the course provider

·   The completion date


Remember that you must take the course prior to applying for your marriage license. You should also keep in mind that a marriage license is good for thirty days from the time of application. 


Bexar County Clerk Gerard Rickoff said, “I support anything that encourages successful marriages and  includes conflict management and communication course.” 


So what are your thoughts…Will an eight hour premarital education course help reduce divorce rates and strengthen marriages?  Will you take the course to save $60.00?  Is this what we want our legislature to be working on?


Send your comments to We’ll post your responses below this article.




We’ve already signed up for a marriage encounter course with our church. I like what the legislation has done.

Laurie Brooks


I do not think an eight hour course will save any marriages or lower the divorce rate.

Shannon S.


An eight hour marriage course is a great idea for all couples! No, it may not save your marriage but it could definitley help! My fiance and I are also going on an engaged encounter through our church. We feel it will be greatly beneficial.

Samantha G










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