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Outdoor weddings are popular in Texas, especially with the scenic Hill Country just a short drive away. While events held in grand ballrooms can surely be beautiful, there’s something serene and personable about being surrounded by fresh air and warm sunlight. But although it’s certainly a picturesque setting to vow forever, pretty still needs to be practical. That’s where Illusions Rentals and Designs comes in.

With literally thousands of items stocked in the company’s warehouse, Illusions can accommodate events anywhere and of any size—whether it’s a gathering for 50 or a gala for 500.

As a division of one of the city’s most trusted names, The RK Group, Illusions has served Central and South Texas for more than 25 years. Although the company works dozens of events a year, the quality of the products and the exceptional customer service do not waiver.

Illusions Rentals & Designs take great pride in our clients and we attribute much of what we consider to be trendy or in style by what our clients request. Custom linens have been extremely popular recently. We have brides come in and request a particular look or color, often times their request has been so specific that we decided to add a seamstress to our team. The result has been outstanding.

Tablecloths sewn in with layers upon layers or chair sashes designed from imported fabrics are the latest craze, but what makes having a professional seamstress on board goes beyond the simple requests. It’s great that we have someone who can literally create custom pieces for our clients. What’s great about having textiles that are made specifically for your event is they are truly one-of-a-kind. You won’t hear someone at your wedding say they had your linens at their wedding.

In addition to the dozens of linen options Illusions has available, The RK Group has dozens of the finest quality rental items for the most discriminating clients. 

Illusions Rentals & Designs make it convenient for our customers because we have everything under one roof. If you need tents, tables and chairs or if you need china or specialty lighting you don’t have to go to several vendors to find what you’re looking for.  We have it all!


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